What is 3i1?

Everyone needs a reliable source of information on the lesser known topics. When we came to realize just how little public awareness there is about various subjects pertaining to the Internet, we decided that something should be done about that. And thus, 3i1 was conceived. It was created in April 2017 by Daniel Brooks and Michael Kowalski, two IT students and tech enthusiasts.

Let’s face it, we have all been there – hearing or reading some strange slang we knew nothing about. So we fired up our dial-up connection,  Googled it, only to navigate a maze of retro-looking tech forums and confusing websites. In this day and age, the situation is a little different. Finding information is no longer a problem – finding reliable information is.

The two of us, alone, run and maintain this website. We make no profit off of it whatsoever, as our goal is simply to bring the unknowns of the web closer to the everyday user and aid those already familiar with the obscure corners of the Internet.

What do we write about?

Put simply, anything related to the Internet and conducting business through the Internet. However, we focus on answering questions that people are most likely to pose in this regard. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Hosting services
  • Content creation
  • All types of online businesses and trading

Apart from this, we sometimes also include other miscellaneous topics that we find interesting from time to time, which are usually also related either to the Internet or tech in general. All our articles can ultimately be both informative or entertaining – we try to keep it balanced.

Who writes for 3i1

If it’s not written by us, the founders, it is written by our friends and acquaintances who have expressed their desire to contribute to our project.

If you share our values as well and wish to make your contribution, we would be more than happy to publish your work, as long as it abides by our quality standards and is deemed sufficiently informative. Unfortunately, seeing as this is a non-profit site, we cannot offer any compensation to writers. All we can do is give you proper credit for the content you create.